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Some Very Marketable Beauty Courses to Take

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If you're thinking of taking some beauty courses in order to open your own salon, or to start any type of beauty-related career, you may be surprised at the number of different courses that are available to you right now. So that you don't get overwhelmed, or miss out on some courses that would serve you well in your career, note a few suggestions for beauty courses that can make you more valuable to a salon and to customers, so your career will be a success.

Hair extensions

Hair extensions aren't just for women, as extensions add volume to thinning hair and not just length to short hair. By learning how to apply various types of hair extensions, you can then widen your client base and apply extensions to those who want to look their best for a special occasion, or who are compensating for thin and brittle hair.

Hair stylist

You may assume that anyone who cuts hair in a salon is a hair stylist, but this isn't necessarily the case. A hair stylist will be skilled in various styling techniques that may, or may not, involve an actual cut. This styling can be done for a client's special occasion, such as a wedding or prom, and may be very elaborate and ornate. However, hair stylists are also used for photo shoots and on movie and TV sets; they may style a news anchorperson's hair, as an example. In these cases, the styles aren't elaborate, but must hold up to the hot studio lights, and ensure someone looks their best during filming.

Aesthetics and makeup

Makeup application can be done for a client's special occasion, but makeup artists also work on photo shoots and on film and TV sets. As with hair styling, makeup application may be very ornate, or it may be simple, offering a professional look for those who are on camera; this includes both males and females. Makeup artists may also be trained in special techniques, such as to cover burns and scars.

Aesthetics refers to everyday skincare. Learning aesthetics allows you to work with your clients so that they look their best, with or without makeup; this can mean evaluating their skin type and their personal skincare needs, and demonstrating various products that they might use between salon visits. Many clients might appreciate such personalized services so that they don't need to rely on makeup applications to look healthy and radiant, so consider an aesthetics course when choosing your beauty courses.